2016 Miningfield Projects

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We’re in a brand new year, and 2016 has some interesting projects for Miningfield!

Here’s the list of planned actions to do during this year, this does not mean we’re not adding more projects along the way:




Servers! Servers! Servers!

We’re starting this new year by adding a new server to our infrastructure, this is planned to happen this first week and will help spread the load on our servers, improving overall performance.

During this intervention we will also be updating softwares and aplying some extra security measures, it is expected some services downtime.

Till the end of the year and depending on how Miningfield grows, new servers might be added.


Go Worldwide!

A new stratum server will be born, and it will be located in Asia.

Along with the stratum server, proxy servers will be available for this new location.


Mining Hardware

We will be reselling Asic Miners.

This is still being worked on, we’re in contact with a seller, but it will most likely come to life with some interesting characteristics.


More Coins!

We will continue to add Pools of different coins, we plan to add at least five more coins by the end of the year.



Pools frontend will have several backgrounds/skins to choose from


Pool Fees

After the new server beeing online and ready to roll, we will change our fee’s policy and go for a 0% mining fee, only applying a small withdraw fee.

This should happen within the next couple of weeks.


Stick with us!